Western Campus


Kumler Chapel


- Kumler Chapel was erected in honor of Rev. J.P.E. Kumler and Mrs. Abbie Goulding Kumler by their two daughters Mrs. Anna Kumler Wight and Mrs. Ella Kumler McKelvy.  

- The site to build the chapel was dedicated on November 10, 1916.  

- The chapel was completed in September of 1918.  

- Though the Chapel was complete in September, it wasn’t dedicated until November 28, 1918, which was Thanksgiving Day of that year. 


- The Chapel was built by Thomas Hastings from New York.

- Thomas studied architecture in Paris for a few years before he began his career as an architect.

- He actually saw the design for Kumler Chapel in Baxouches-au-Houlme, Normandy and reproduced it in Oxford.

Significant Events

- While the chapel was still being constructed, on February 26, 1918 at 4:20 p.m., one of the towers fell down. The falling of the tower was actually witnessed by students in classes and was said to be shocking.” Fortunately, no one was killed. 

Fun Facts

- The stained glass windows depict stories of noble women from the bible, which coordinates well with the location of the building since the area was originally a women’s college.

The chapel has been under renovation since 2005.

Kumler Chapel is no longer used for services, but hosts weddings nearly every weekend (when it’s not undergoing renovations).

- The chapel seats 235 and the aisle is 87'.  It has air conditioning, a state-of-the-art sound system, a piano available, a small table with lectern for guest book, and a table in the altar area for the Unity candle. Candles are allowed only on the altar and in no-drip holders and the customers must provide thecandelabras and candles.

The Kumler Chapel Roof Flashing Repairs had an Approved Budget of  $226,565 and the Project was supposed to be completed by August 2007.  As of December 2008 it is still not completed and the budget is now unknown.