Western Campus


                                  McKee Hall


- McKee Hall was first known as New Hall in 1904, when it was first built for the Women’s Female Seminary College.   

- It was changed to McKee Hall because of Leila S. McKee. 

- Leila S. McKee attended this college and also became the principal of this college in 1888. 

- She graduated from this college with an A.B. Degree in 1885.  

- She also received her Ph. D. Degree in 1892.   


- This building was created as the first new residence hall on this college campus.    

Significant Events

- During Leila McKee’s principal term, she became president of the school.   

Fun Facts

- The building was named in 1917 in honor of Mrs. McKee.  She was born in 1858 in Kentucky as the youngest of fourteen children. 

- She resided in Kansas City with her husband, James B. Welsh, and passed away there in 1938.  

- The building became acquired as part of Miami University’s purchase of Western College in 1973.  

- This is one of three dorms still in use for Western students.